The Chase Part Dupes – Ep.76:

August 22, 2018 4:13 pm Published by 3 Comments

Ok guys..last week we dropped “The Chase” (feat. Miri) with the women’s perspective of how things go down on our end with the courting process..this week Mel and Kim bring in our friends,Decker and Toby to shed light on the guys perspective of this process. Give it a listen and then drop us a line at [email protected] to let us know if you agree with what they have to say!

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  • Mike Landsbury (The chaosatnightpod) says:

    I have been a fan of this show pretty much since you started. When you took your break last year,I waited very impatiently hoping you would return and when you finally did,I was ecstatic. It took me awhile to get used to Mel without Vin,I will admit,but Mel did not disappoint with her comeback! Quite frankly,she kicked ass! Mels comeback episode with her daughter had me laughing for days!(still laughing) after that she did an episode with Kim and Miri,Miri never disappoints so it was no surprise that I loved it as well. That brings me to this weeks episode. I had not reconized the announced guest of the weeks name(Toby)which excited me in some ways because I was anxious to see what Mel could do with bringing in someone new. Up until now all guests have been the same and I have come to really enjoy them all so going out on a limb and bringing in a new flavor had me on the edge of my seat,especially with the subject being discussed. I will admit that I listened twice to this episode and this is why. The first time I was in shock frankly. I listened and could not believe some of the things coming out of this Toby kids mouth. Sure,Vin always had a cockiness to him,but never to this caliber. While Mel and Vin always seem to do the good cop/bad cop thing on a lot of subjects,in the end they always somehow came together on most things. With this new guy,Toby being so far off on what I as a male would have said to these questions asked,I immediately wished they had a call in line so I could dispute this attitude about women and how they should be treated by us men. Here he is representing men and he is so far off the realm of what I think is acceptable for the answers on how you should treat women you have interest in. I,at one point,was screaming at my phone while listening. I finished the episode and did not know what to think or why Mel would ask an opinion from someone who had his attitude and seemingly lack of respect for women so I decided to listen again just to be sure I did not miss anything. It was that second time that something struck me. Mel and Toby did not agree to disagree,they just disagreed. In true Mel form,she expressed her opinions on his attitude,but did not try to change them and then I realized he did not with hers either and while they disagreed,they never fought or insulted eachother but almost fed off of eachother. I could not believe what was happening at second listen, I was actually becoming a fan of them together. At one point I even thought,”Wow. She is the Robin to this Howard Stern” which is when I completely flipped sides. He was cocky and did not care at all about what he saying or how he was coming across and she was,well, she was Mel,the amazing down to earth one who may disagree and tell you,but never criticizes and just lets you be you. In the end,I felt like this very unlikely pair meshed quite perfectly together and I am eager to hear more of this duo record more episodes in the future,maybe even just let the 2 of them go at it alone because like I said I am really getting a H.Stern and Robin vibe from the 2 of them and think they could go far together!
    Keep kicking ass,Mel! We are glad you are back!

    • Toby says:

      Glad to offend you! To bad you listened a second time then ended with those nice comment of how it was good jerk off!!! Now she’s going to ask me to do another one!! And how dare you compare me to a freak show goofy nerd ball who’s pod cast is on the radio so people like him! Wtf and you talk about me……

      • Mike Landsbury ( Thechaosatnightpod) says:

        @Toby. That is the arrogance that made me make the comparison in the first place. You are what we call a shock jock in the broadcasting world & what sells in this field (I have been broadcasting for 6 years now) is the perfect combination of what this episode delivered. (Shock Jock vs. Non shock jock). I actually sent this episode to 2 of our sponsors as a recommendation for sponsorship based on the knowledge & confidence that it is what they are looking for,so I do hope you do consider doing more if she asks,you cocky S.O.B!

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